60 Seconds with Roger Goodell

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60 Seconds with Spence edit
The arrogance that is NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. We all know the NFL is omnipotent. They know everything. Well, almost everything. I mean, they saw Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice drag his unconscious fiance from an elevator. What they couldn’t figure out is how she ended up in that state. Hmmmmm?

And while everyone in New Jersey knew of video showing Rice punching his now-wife in the face, Roger and the NFL just couldn’t seem to get their hands on it. So, while Rice, allegedly, telling the NFL what had happened was worth a two-game suspension, video-proof cemented what Roger should have done to begin with…an indefinite suspension.

CBS may not be able to ask the tough questions, but I ain’t scurred. The commish and I nearly come to blows in this edition of “60 Seconds with Spence.”