60 Seconds with Bill Cosby

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60 Seconds with Spence editHow would Doctor Cliff Huxtable explain all this nonsense to young and impressionable Theo on “The Cosby Show” back in the day? I would hope it would include an analogy involving a Jell-o pudding pop and a drunk girl and a hotel room and…wait…that actually happened, right?

Anyway, in this exclusive chat it seems Dr. Cosby lured me in with his calming, fatherly voice and then, quite possibly, slipped me a mickey. I don’t know. I actually have no recollection of this interview. I simply woke up naked in bed in Bill’s hotel room. Weird, right?

I grabbed my recording device, a hotel robe and a breath mint and I got the hell out of there. The audio below is the only proof I have of my encounter with the Cos.