3 on 3 – The Medieval Mace Melee

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Here’s how we do it. Three stories in three minutes. Simple. I call it “3 on 3” and episode 3 is titled “The Medieval Mace Melee.” Today we cover Turkey Day travel tips, poop. Yes, I said, “Poop.” And, if you’re a jealous man, you should always carry mace.

The TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, yes, the guys that feel you up at the airport, have some Thanksgiving travel information for you.

Presenting some Thanksgiving-themed comedy and songs Check em out.

We talk shit. Plain and simple. When you have a particularly impressive deposit, do you tell anyone? According to this study, my guess is you probably tell someone.

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In medieval days, if someone spoke to your wench, you would club em with a mace. Or, maybe you’d challenge them to a duel or a joust. Dude in Pennsylvania, he went the mace route. Calm down, biscuit. Hear the full story.

It’s episode #4 of “3 on 3 – The Medieval Mace Melee” recorded on Friday, November 20, 2020.

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