3 On 3 – The Ballad of the Bar Code Bandit

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Pretty simple concept, really: Three stories in three minutes. It’s “Spence’s 3 on 3.” The Ballad of the Bar Code Bandit. Honestly, a genius plan. Execution? Meh, not so much.

For that guy in your neighborhood who should leave the pumpkin carvings to the kids..

Well, it did happen in Florida. So, ya kinda have to minus a few IQ points for the thief involved.

What would you say is the greatest invention of all time? Fire? The wheel? How about the spoon? You ever try to eat soup without a spoon. I’ll cover the top ten and add one that should definitely be in the mix.

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And politics has destroyed another family. This time red vs. blue has impacted The Cunninghams from the late 70’s sitcom, “Happy Days.”

This is Spence’s “3 on 3” for Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

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