3 on 3 – PDA: Pubic Display of Affection

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Here’s how we do it. Three stories in three minutes. Simple. I call it “3 on 3” and episode 3 is titled “PDA: Pubic Display of Affection. Today we cover Turkey Day side dishes, homemade Xmas gifts and a pubic display of affection out front of the Popeyes.

Using Google Trends, someone came up with the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes for each and every state in the Union. Believe it or not, one state, chose deviled eggs.

During this pandemic and especially during quarantines, many people have explored their creative side; arts and crafts and whatnot. A good number of those people think that their handiwork is worthy of being a given as a Christmas present.

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And a Florida woman gives new meaning to the phrase, “take out,” in front of a neighborhood Popeyes. Oh, and guess what, it isn’t the first time.

It’s episode #3 of “3 on 3 – PDA: Pubic Display of Affection” recorded on Tuesday, November10, 2020.